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Q: What is FREEPOT Quiz?
Ans: FREEPOT is a FREE quiz where you can win up to Rs 10 DAILY. You need to be in the Top 4 on Leaderboard by the end of the day. In every attempt, you answer 10 simple questions. Score maximum in the least amount of time to win. You can play 2 times daily (=2 attempts). Your best score and time taken will automatically be considered for the prize eligibility.

Q: I am not happy with my rank on Leaderboard. Can I play again?
Ans: You can play up to 2 times daily. If you have already played 2 times in a day, come back the next day to play.

Q: I won FREEPOT Quiz. How much cash did I win?
Ans: 1st prize is Rs 4 , 2nd prize is Rs 3, 3rd prize is Rs 2, 4th prize is Rs 1. If you are one of the winners, the winning amount will directly get credited as Gems to your Letswin account the next day. You can instantly withdraw your Gems as Paytm Cash

Q. Can I play FREEPOT at any time?
Ans: FREEPOT can be played between 00:15:00 hrs to 23:45:00 hrs daily. Each day is a new episode.

Q. I answered all questions correctly but another user is showing on top of LeaderBoard instead of me. Why?
Ans: The other user must have taken taken lesser time than you. The more you score and the lesser time you take, the higher your rank on LeaderBoard.

Q. Another user who took more time than me has a higher rank than I have, on the LeaderBoard. Why?
Ans: The other user must have scored higher points than you. If two users scores are same, then the user who takes lesser time gets a higher rank.

Q. What is the minimum score to qualify for a prize?
Ans: 10. You need to answer at least 1 question correctly to be eligible for a prize in FREEPOT.

Q. Is it necessary to play all 2 attempts to qualify for a prize?
Ans: NO. If you are happy with your score and time taken, you don’t need to play all your attempts. But we encourage you to play all your attempts as we will always consider your highest score + least time taken for a prize eligibility.

Q: How do I play FREEPOT Quiz?
Ans: Very simple. Follow these steps and you will be a pro in a few minutes:
Step 1: If you are a new player then Sign-up. If you are an existing player, then simply login
Step 2: Click on "PLAY NOW".
Step 3: Start answering questions. Once you answer all questions, your result will be displayed instantly. You may play up to 2 times daily. Your best score and time taken will be considered for determining your eligibility for a prize
Step 4: If you win, Gems will be transferred to your Letswin account the next day.

Q: How do I check my score?
Ans: Your score is shown on the top of each page when you are playing the Quiz. You can also check your score in MY ACCOUNT.

Q: What forms of payment are accepted?
Ans: As of now you can pay by Paytm, Debit Cards, Credit Cards, Net Banking and UPI. We are working on adding other payment options for your convenience.

Q: What kind of questions are asked?
Ans: Questions are simple and revolve around General Knowledge, Movies, Sports, Food, Maths, Common Sense etc.

Q: Whom do I contact if I face an issue during payment or playing quiz?
Ans: Write to us at care@letswin.club and we will revert to you within 24 hours on business days (Monday to Saturday 10 am - 7 pm).